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Infinite vibes

Infinite vibes

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This picture from my Vibes series is actually quite atypical in terms of the choice of "color".

It is something very special because there is NO color in it.

Just metallic colors with white on a black background.

Spin Pour acrylic paints on a square canvas with a high gloss finish in gold, bronze and white, on a black background.

The edges are black.

Size: 80x40cm

Without frame


High gloss finish


The Vibes series was born out of the idea of creating something that could capture the impressions and vibes that one can see and feel when looking at a night sky. There are so many wonders to be discovered when one looks at the rest of our universe with open eyes at night. Let yourself be impressed by the mysteries above you and marvel at the numerous details of the beautiful color spectrum on these canvases.

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