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Dominique Ludmann is a visual artist from the south of Germany. Her unusually profound paintings have already been presented to a diverse audience at national and international exhibitions. "Extraordinary" is one of the most frequently used characterizations of her works.


As a fluid art artist, Ludmann has developed an unmistakable technique in the field of acrylic pouring, which gives her the possibility of infinite variations. However, without any prospect of duplication, one of her works.

She creates explosive and energetic moods, with the intention of deforming fixed rules and specifications within conventional acrylic painting. Ludmann's canvases are reflections of her introverted nature and nonchalant personality. They carry their strong will to put distance between themselves and the 'noisy' world. It is Ludmann's altruistic ambition to highlight details in such a way that they can be felt as the heart of the matter.


The self-taught artist, who was born in Stuttgart in 1974 and still lives there today, has found her way back to herself as an artist through the visual arts after a severe stroke of fate in her family. By means of acrylic pouring, she has created a way to get in touch with her environment non-verbally.

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